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Judi Curtin writes sensitive, hugely engaging novels about contemporary girls and the things that matter most to them: friends, family relationships, learning to be happy with who you are. Most of her books have modern settings, though she’s written a couple of time-slip novels sending characters back into the past. In this story, her characters again travel back through time but to a decade many Books for Keeps readers will remember well: the 1980s.

Molly and Beth have been best friends for ages, though when Molly’s Mum and Beth’s dad announce they’re moving in together, their relationship is bound to change. Sneaking out together to attend a concert without their parents’ knowledge, they stumble into a strange sweet shop they’ve never noticed before, and emerge again into 1984. As readers will understand, visiting the 1980s will have its plusses and minuses for 21st century kids: you can buy packets of biscuits for 20p but have to survive without mobile phones. There are lots of details older readers will relish: the shop that sells the biscuits has comics Mandy and Bunty on its shelves too; the girls are baffled – and amused – by the hairstyles and fashions.

While Curtin observes the rules of time travel, she’s not really interested in the how of all this; it’s the why that is her real concern. Beth’s mum died when she was a tiny baby, and her longing for some knowledge of her mum is intensified now that she can observe daily Molly’s relationship with her mother. Propelled by these emotions into the past, she immediately decides to track down her 14 year old mum. Molly, there too, has misgivings, but accompanies her new step-sister.

Emotions reach a very high point as the two reach Beth’s mum’s home, and Curtin describes the tension beautifully. The eventual meeting too is handled with real sensitivity. Beth manoeuvres it so that her mum brushes her hair, an extremely touching moment. Molly too gets to meet her own mum, and comes home understanding her better. This is time travel that puts female relationships – mother/daughter, best friends – into the spotlight, in a book that is funny, sad and uplifting. It reminds us all too that the teenagers our mums were are only ever a splash of (Smitty) perfume away. (Lucy Staines Books for Keeps)

Judi Curtin, best known for the Alice and Megan series, is another writer who understands what makes her young readers tick. Time After Time (O’Brien, €12.99) begins with what might seem like a dream come true: what if your best friend in the whole world became your sister?

Molly’s mum and Beth’s dad have just moved in together, though it is far from smooth sailing. But when the girls follow a mysterious entrance into the past, they learn more about their parents and themselves. The most poignant element is Beth hunting down her teenage mum in 1984 – the mum who died when she was a baby, leaving her with only a photo to remember her by. But there is also plenty of humour as the pair deal with a pre-smartphone world. (Claire Hennessy The Irish Times)

Time After Time by Judi Curtin

Best friends Molly and Beth love spending time together… but their families moving in together is a step too far. To avoid an embarrassing situation shopping one day, they hide in a shop they had never noticed before… and when they leave by a side door, they find themselves back in the past. They realise that they have a chance to see the world through their parents’ eyes – a fascinating concept to explore and one that should stimulate plenty of discussion by readers. Before finding their way home, can they see what their own pasts looked like? An excellent read which explores the issues that face families, as well as exploring an age without today’s technology. Highly recommended. (Parents in Touch)

September 2016 Book of the Month | In a nutshell: touching, gentle timeslip adventure | Judi Curtin has been described as the Irish Jacqueline Wilson and it’s easy to see why: she writes warm, convincing contemporary stories about girls, friendships and families. Here best friends Molly and Beth are awkwardly trying to adjust to their new shared life (their respective mum and dad have moved in together) when something very strange happens and they find themselves transported back in time to 1984. The story of what happens when Beth decides to find her mum, who died when she was born, is told with Curtin’s typical insight and lightness of touch. Beth and Molly are real characters, the strength of their friendship is utterly convincing, and this is a touching, uplifting read, often very funny too.

Definitely one to recommend to fans of Jacqueline Wilson and readers who like this will also enjoy books by Sarah Webb. ~ Andrea Reece Lovereading4kids

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  1. Ellieel1266582 says:

    Dear Judi I am Ella i am in 4th Class my mom is from Limerick and my dad is from Cork what street did you live in? my dad lived in Frankfield Grange Douglas. I go to Clonmoney National school if you’ve heard of it its in Newmarket on Fergus Co. Clare.
    Lots of Love
    Ella xx
    PS comment back to me

  2. Hi Ella. Thanks for those lovely posts. I lived in Douglas too! I don’t know your school, I’m afraid, but Newmarket on Fergus is a lovely place – I often pass through on my way to the seaside. ‘Hi’ to Sophia and Dusty. xxx

  3. What is your favourite book you have wrote????????


  5. Glad she liked it. My friends tell me that’s the best book I wrote for adults.

  6. Your books are very popular in Naas , because there always not in stock!!

  7. Well I am in 5th class I love your books Judi

  8. My name is Sheila, well I am in 5th class and I love your books. I have read most of them.

  9. caitriona12345811 says:

    Hi Judi. My name is Caitriona and I live in Limerick City. I am in 5th class in the school you used to teach in St.John’s school (a.k.a Scoil Eoin Noafa) anyway, a few weeks ago, i went to see you in O’Mahony’s. You signed 3 of my books. Bonjour Alice, Alice to the rescue and See if i Care. I have just finished The Time Spell and now i am moving on to the book The Mystery Tour. My friend Rugah won a competition in O’Mahony’s and won thats book. she was looking into my competition page and said “haha i copied you!” but i don’t mind i am glas she one. Any way i love your books and i would love to meet you again,
    see you soon and please write back,
    Caitriona,11,5th class xxx

  10. booklover123 says:

    Hi Judi…… name is Caoimhe Corrigan……i must say i LOVE your books………me and my cousin Ava are huge fans……..i’ve recently just looked at your website and realised you were in the bookshop in the crescent………i live in limerick and i was so upset that i missed out…….i was wondering could you come to Limerick again so time soon because i would love to meet you……..if you do decide to come again.would you mind emailing me a reminder….…..when i heard that my cousin Ava met you in o’mahony’s…i was SO jealous!!!.It would probably be best if you came to O’mahony’s,Easons or The Bookshop in the crescent again…….

    Caoimhe xx

  11. Hi Caoimhe
    Sorry I didn’t meet you at my recent events in Limerick. Don’t worry, I often do events here, so i’m sure I’ll meet you soon. Just watch this site for details.

  12. hi judi its abbie remember i emailed you on my dads account and me and my sister rebecca gave you a letter. i just finished reading the mystery tour its SO
    GOOD its AMAZING i love your books judi hope to meet you soon

    Abbie xx

  13. hi judi sorry i forgot to add

    p.s plz reply

    abbie xx

  14. hi judi its abbie
    im just wondering are you going to write anymore eva books.
    your the best author ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s im a HUGE fan.

    abbie xxxxxxx

  15. Hi Abbie,
    So nice to hear from you again. Yes, the good news is that I am working on an Eva book at the moment. It’s called ‘Eva and The Hidden Diary.’ It will be out this autumn, and you can probably guess what it’s about. (!)
    ‘Hi’ to Rebecca.

  16. hi Judi Rebecca says hi back and she’s reading the mystery
    tour at the moment (my book) and she loves it too!!!
    anyway my mum wants to know that can I send you a story I’m writing called
    “The Magic Horse” hope you like it!
    abbie xx

  17. Hey Judi 🙂

    I love your books and I hope you enjoy writing them for us 🙂

    Thank you for your inspiration,

    Emma x

  18. hi Judi my name is Sheila Cronin. I am 12 years old and I am your number one fan. I met your friend Rosin Meaney she was really nice. I love the Meagan and Alice series. Please write back it will brighten up my day-
    your huge fan Sheila

  19. Thanks so much Emma. It’s nice of you to be concerned about whether I enjoy writing my books. The answer is a BIG yes. I love writing!

  20. Hi Sheila. Thanks for that. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy my books.
    Yes, Roisin is nice, isn’t she?
    Hope this brief answer is enough to brighten your day. I can’t write more, because I have an Eva book to finish!

  21. hi judi its abbie im wondering if you are nearly finished
    your eva book because im dying to read it so bye
    for now
    abbie xxx

  22. EabhaLovesReading says:

    Hi Judi it’s Éabha you visited Bishopstown library and I met you there.
    I love your books so much! I can’t wait for your next Eva book I bet it will be brilliant like the rest of your books! Will you be visiting Cork soon by any chance? I’d LOVE to meet you again! Bye for now.
    Éabha xx

  23. Saoirse.Kenny says:

    Hello Judi!
    I Just Wanted To Let You Know What An Amazing Author You Are
    You Are Fantastic! I Love The Alice And Megan Books And The Eva Books I Have Read All! They’re The Kind Of Books You Want To Read Over And Over Again! I’m Also Reading Malory Towers By Enid Blyton As I’ve Read All The Books You Have Wrote But I Will Look Forward To The New Books And I Am Planning To Come To Your Book Signing In Kinsale
    All The Best,

  24. avatbarry says:

    Hi Judi…I met u in Kinsale bookshop earlier…I gave you lots of books to sign…I asked (& answered) about seven questions.
    I AM A SUPERFAN…do u remember me???❓❔❓❔❓❔

    Xxx Ava Barry

  25. clodagh says:

    Hi heard your coming to Macroom I was just wondering what time you would e there and what part?

  26. Hi Clodagh. I’ll be speaking in the Castle Hotel at 1.15 tomorrow. it’s part of the Curtin Clan gathering, so I’ll be mostly talking about the history of my family, which you might not find very interesting. If you live in Macroom, you could come along and say hello, but I couldn’t guarantee that you’d be allowed into the event. Hopefully I’ll be doing more events in Cork, later in the year.

  27. Thanks so much, Saoirse. I remember reading Malory Towers when I was younger – I LOVED it!

  28. clodagh says:

    ok thank you!

  29. clodagh says:

    sorry for all the questions but do you have any idea how long t would go on for because my cousin and I are thinking of going into meet you because we are huge fans of your books and we have them all!!

  30. Saoirse.Kenny says:

    Thank You Judi! I Checked This Website Everyday Hoping For A Comment! I Jumped For Joy (Literally) When I Saw Your Comment At The Moment Im Reading Alice To The Rescue Again! Its Sooo Good! I Love To Know Your Irish As I Am Too! Irelands Proud Of You <3 Whenever I Go To The Library Its The Shelf That Your Books Are On I Run To First! I Also Want To Be A Book Author But I Don't Think I Could Be As Sucsessful As You! Thanks Judi
    Your Books Will Forever Stay In My Heart
    All The Best

  31. Saoirse.Kenny says:

    Sorry I Didnt Come To Macroom I Was Hoping To But Our Car Broke Down 🙁

  32. hi judi its abbie i was just wondering wich one is lauren and wich one is tilly in the friends forever books. is lauren the one with brown hair or is that tilly?
    i would really love to know so bye for now

  33. hey Judi its Ella thanks for the letter you sent me it was great 😀
    Can’t wait for another
    Ella xoxo

  34. Is there any more alice and megan books i have 7 and i LOVE THEM

  35. Are you coming to cork soon? id love to see you

  36. Saoirse.Kenny says:

    Hey Judi! Do You Think You Come To Athlone Or Roscommon I Would Love To Meet You! Lots Of Love Saoirse xox

  37. Hi Judi!
    I am from Cork ( i cant say where but i think you know where i am talking about)
    I cant wait to see you on next Friday at the library!
    Please reply!
    I have black hair and i wear glasses!
    I hope you can reconnise me!
    From Thia =D

  38. thiamia123 says:

    Hi Judi!
    Thia and Julia Curtin here!

  39. Hi Judi Curtin, I have some questions for you what is you favourite book that you read , what is your favourite it athor and what was your first book that you read

  40. hi Judi im so sorry to tell u but I cant make it to Ashborne tomorrow Ill be in school.Plz plz plz come and see us in Dunshaughlin I so very badly want to meet u or even my school St.Seachnaills plz.i was in easons the other day and i saw eva and the hidden diary but i only had 3 euro.So right now im looking for it online. Im so dissapointed i cant go and see u in the library.

  41. So sorry you couldn’t make it to Ashbourne. The event was great fun. Hope to set you before too long.

  42. Hi. They are really hard questions. One of my favourite books is Heidi. One of my (many) favourite authors is CS Lewis. I have no idea what book I first read – it’s been a few years!!

  43. Hi again girls. Was so nice to meet you in Cork.

  44. Hi Saoirse. No plans for an Athlone or Roscommon trip at the moment, but watch my events page, and I’ll post there if something comes up.

  45. Thanks Aoife. There are eight Alice and Megan books, if you count the cookbook. So glad you enjoyed them.

  46. Grace@dublin says:

    Hiya Mrs/Miss Curtin,

    My name is Grace and I am from Dublin. I have been reading your books since I was 10 and I am now 11. I love your books sssssooooo much. My favourite book is Bonjour Alice, and I’v been to France three times. I just love you and your books so much, I feel like I’m going to burst soon. When I read your books they make me feel so happy. And I love the Eva books, they’re just so………………………………I don’t have a word for it. I really hope you keep on writing forever and ever. This Christmas I’m getting Alice in the middle cause its the only book that I haven’t got in the collection. I’d like to know about you but I’ll probely have loads and loads of questions, so you can tell me just a few things about yourself. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please pppppplllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeee send me back a comment, it would mean the world to me.

    From grace 🙂

  47. Hi Grace. Thanks so much for all those nice comments about my books. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, with plenty of time for reading.


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