The Mystery Tour

The Mystery Tour - out now!

The Mystery Tour – out now!


I’m delighted that my new book, The Mystery Tour, is on the shelves. It’s my nineteenth book. (well Roisin Meaney actually wrote half of See if I Care, so maybe I can only claim 18 and a half!)

I had a lot of fun writing this one. Lauren and Tilly go back to London at the start of World War 2, and end up being evacuated to the country. They make lots of new friends, and there might be an adventure or two…..


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  1. shauna12345 says:

    I read this book in 2 hours. Really really really good! Alice in The Middle still has to be my very favourite though!
    Thanks for the reply on my other comment, Judi.
    P.S the way your fans can directly send comments to you is really
    great. If all authors did that instead of noreply fan mails,
    everything would be more simple.

  2. lindadoll says:

    Hi!!!!!! I haven’t read The Mystery Tour yet so i’ll be looking for it in the book-shops! 🙂 from Lily

  3. hi judi i asked my mum if she could get me just ask eva and she came back with the mysterty tour loved it :]


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