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Keep watching! New events will be added as soon as they are confirmed.

If you are thinking of attending an event, phone the venue first, to make sure there haven’t been any last-minute changes. Some events require pre-booking. Most mid-week events are for invited school audiences – individuals are almost always welcome – just phone ahead to check!





12 Comments to “Upcoming Events”

  1. will you ever visit Donegal?
    love your books:D
    i would love to meet you!!!

  2. Hi JUDI will u be in Limerick any time soon in 2012 I would  love to meet u please reply soon love caoimhe

  3. Hi Caoimhe
    I’m sure I will be doing Limerick events in 2012, but no firm plans at the moment. Keep watching this site for details. Happy Christmas!

  4. hi i thought you seemed so kind when you visited ********** ********* school. I didn’t say the name in case well you know. will you ever go to sign books at cobh or maybe cork. thank you bye

  5. Thanks, Rachel. I really enjoyed my trip to ************ ************ school. I’ll be in Blackpool in Cork this Friday (Feb 10th). Also, since 2012 is the Titanic centenary, I’m very much hoping that I’ll be asked to visit Cobh again this year.

  6. I can’t go to your thing in Galway =(, because there’s this thing on in the secondary school I’m going to on the 25th of April and my parents need to go so there would be no one to take me =(. But I REALLY wish I could go!!!

  7. Oh dear – sorry you can’t make it next week. Hopefully I’ll be in Galway again before too long.

  8. Are you planning any trips to Belfast?

  9. Hi Judi I will be coming to see you with my best friend in the Dungarvan library,while you are in the library will you be signing any books because I would love for you to sign my ones! Please reply soon!!

  10. Hi Lydia. Hope you enjoyed the Dungarvan event – I did!

  11. I met you on the 1st of October. In naas co kildare

  12. shauna12345 says:

    Hi Judi…. it’s me. Again.
    I’m the one who was asking you if you’d ever write about Alice and Megan again. It’s probably getting annoying for you but now I’m here to ask yet another question.
    Are you ever coming to County Meath? I live near Trim so maybe Navan?
    Thanks for your time!


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