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My next book, Time after Time, should be hitting the shelves any day now.(Yay!!!!)
I’ve always loved the idea of time travel, so sending my young characters, Molly and Beth, back to the past seemed like a wonderful idea – except for all the difficulties.
I encountered lots of questions.
Here are a few:
1. Can you change the past? Beth’s Mum, Fiona, fell down the stairs and died when Beth was a baby. When she meets Fiona as a young girl in 1984, Beth is desperate to save her. But if Fiona doesn’t die, Beth’s life will be completely different, (and the first part of my book will make no sense at all).
2. Even if you could change the past, would that be a good idea? Killing an evil dictator sounds like a great plan, but what if an even more evil one emerges to take his/her place?
3. What happens if Molly and Beth meet themselves while wandering around the past or the future? It’s fun having the characters meet up with their teenaged parents, but if they meet themselves, will everyone explode or something?
Like I said, there are lots of questions, many of which have no answers (partly because I hope to write a series, and I don’t want to tie myself up in knots.)
But it’s good to leave the reader guessing – isn’t it?

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