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March 05, 2018 By: judicurtin Category: Books, Events, General Chat

By now, I should be posting about how happy I am at the arrival of spring, but I’m afraid that The Beast From The East changed all that.

My home in Limerick was better than much of the country, but even so, we were snowed in for a few days over the weekend. Luckily I had stocked up with plenty of food, and a stack of books, so all was well.

I did some writing, and even found time to make a snowman. I think he looks quite impressive in the first photo, but I’m afraid the second one tells the truth! I suppose that in photographs, as in life, perspective is everything!



It’s 2018!!!!

January 08, 2018 By: judicurtin Category: General Chat

Hi everyone, and Happy New Year to you all.

2017, was a great year for me, with lots of writing and events and in November, an Irish Book Award. I’m looking forward to 2018, and have lots of plans. The most immediate one is to get going on my next book. It’s going to be a follow-up to Stand By Me, and all I’m going to say for now, is that Molly and Beth might go back to the 1970s.

I hope all your hopes and dreams for the year will come true!


Irish Book Awards

December 05, 2017 By: judicurtin Category: General Chat


I’ve been shortlisted for an Irish Book Award before, but this year I actually WON, and it was an amazing experience. The other writers and illustrators in my category were so talented, I didn’t dare to hope for a win, so when it happened it was a huge surprise. I did much hugging and kissing and jumping around like a crazy thing. The award night is a very sociable night, so it was a great opportunity to catch up with all my author friends – and taking a trophy home – that was like dream come true.

Huge thanks to everyone who voted for my book – I appreciate it more than you could ever imagine.

IMG_7488 Image-1 IrishBookAwards17_0362-150x150

Our new Baby

July 31, 2017 By: judicurtin Category: General Chat

Our lovely cat, Domino, died last year, and for a while we thought about living without a cat…..

………and then we met Pablo!



















Pablo breezed into our lives in the beginning of May, when he was a tiny eight-week-old kitten. Now he’s a whopping five-month-old and I think it’s fair to say that he’s the new boss around here.



















Domino played a big part in my Alice and Megan books, so watch out for Pablo’s literary debut!

It’s nearly World Book Day!

February 22, 2017 By: judicurtin Category: General Chat


World Book Day is always special to me (usually I celebrate by curling up with a good book), but this year it’s extra-special. This year I’ve been asked to write a special World Book Day Book. That’s a big honour – especially as, this year other WBD titles include work by Jacqueline Wilson, David Walliams and Enid Blyton!!!

Above is the cover of Fast Forward. Anyone who’s read ‘Time after Time,’ will recognise Molly and Beth, the time-travelling friends. Get this in exchange for your WBD voucher in a  good bookshop near you.