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  1. michelle1999 says:

    hiya Judy,
    i absolutely love your books so much! you are my favourite author along with Cathy Cassidy!
    my mum and dad went down south for a holiday (i live in northern ireland) and they brought me home one of your books along with a cathy cassidy one too but i have already read lots of your books before such as:dont ask alice, alice next door, the time spell, alice and megan for ever and they are fantasticly written cause i feel as if i have known Alice and Megan for ages! oh and dont forget about lauren and her beautiful cat Saturn.
    i CAN’T wait to read more and more and more and more of your books

    lots of love,
    Your number 1 fan ever

  2. Thanks, Michelle, that’s really nice of you to say such sweet things about my books. Hope you have a lovely summer. Judi

  3. Judi-Curtin says:

    Hi Judi! Oh wow. I cant belive i found this website! I get to speak to one of my favourite authors? Woahh. I love your books! you are so talented. i hope to be an author like you someday. i just find it hard sometimes to finish my stories. can you give me any advice?

  4. Emma Harris says:

    Hi Judi.
    I absolutely love the Eva books.
    I read Eva’s Holiday,it’s the best book I read so far.
    I’m in the middle of Eva’s Journey,the part when she moves.
    I also read See if I care,it was really great(your part was the best).

    From Emma xx 🙂

  5. Hi Emma
    Thanks for your lovely comments about my books. Not sure how you know which part of ‘See if I Care’ is mine, but thanks anyway!

  6. Hi Judi,
    I am one of your biggest fans i love your books i read all of them apart from see if I care.My favourite are the Alice and Megan books.I read all of your Alice and Megan books twice!Please write more Alice and Megan books!
    Thank you.
    From Rosie

  7. Thanks, Rosie. It’s really nice of you to say that about my books. I don’t plan any more Alice and megan books at the moment, but maybe sometime in the future………..

  8. hello judi!i love your books Alice and Megan books got all your colletion of them .I am one of your biggest fans in the world.hope you write more off them ……Anaoise

  9. p.s hope you come to Donegal

  10. Hi Anaoise (love your name).
    Thanks for those kind words. I’ve often visited Donegal, but never to do readings. Would love to go again, though, it’s a beautiful place.

  11. I am a six year old girl from Cork. I met you in Bandon Libary in November. Santa brought me Evas holiday and i have just finished reading it on new years eve. It was fantastic. I hope you write more books.
    Happy New Year.

  12. Hi Judi i am a really big fan i loved the Alice and Megan series i’m going to start the friends forever series they sound really good you’re brilliant author

  13. Hi Judi

    I have read all of the Alice and Megan series an im soooo sad that there over :'( I want you to write more SSSSSOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  15. Hi. I may one day write another Alice and Megan book . (Alice and Megan are like my friends now, and I’d hate not to.) At the moment though, I’m busy on other books – Friends Forever Book 3 and Eva Book 3.

  16. Thanks so much for those kind words. I hope you enjoy Friends Forever -I’m working on book 3 at the moment, and really enjoying it!

  17. i loved Eva’s holiday and i’m really happy your writing a 3rd book with that but when your finished i would really like if you could write another Alice and Megan book and when your finished friends forever book 3 . I’m going to start reading the friends forever series . Please write another Alice and Megan book and i really want to know how they get on in their 1st year summer.See if i care was brilliant ( your part was the best)

    thanks for reading

    From Lourde

  18. please answer soon

  19. Hello Judi Curtin,
    I really enjoy your books. I am reading Alice Alice Again at the moment.Thank you for sighning my books and a bookmark for me.I have read Alice Next Door and I thought that it was BRILLIANT!!!!Also a big well done to your Illustrator and the O Brien Press if they werent there the Fantastic books would not be out THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Klara!!

  20. answer soooonnnnnn

  21. Thanks, Klara. I was happy to sign your book for you. Very nice of you to thank my publishers and illustrator too – not many people think of doing that.

  22. Hi Judi

    I’m 9 and I love reading! I’ve read nearly all your books. I’ve even cooked some stuff from Alice & Megan’s cookbook for my family. On Saturday 24th March I’m going to see you at the Ideas Shop in Garter Lane in Waterford, I can’t wait!!! Are you doing any signings while you are in Waterford that weekend??
    Thanks, Saoirse

  23. Hi Saoirse
    So glad you like reading – especially my books. Hope your family like the things you cooked for them. I’m really looking forward to the event in Waterford. Bring your books along to the Ideas Shop, and I’ll be happy to sign them for you. All best. Judi

  24. THAT’S FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really can’t wait. You are my favourite author ever!

  25. hi judi,
    im so glad to be emailing to my faourite author.i think its such a good idea.i wish you would write more eva books i really enjoyed them.can you come to mom will only bring me to you if your in dublin!.my friends are going to be so jealous.

    from eva

  26. Thanks Eva (Great name!)
    I am writing another Eva book at the moment. It’s called ‘Leave it to Eva’ and will be out in the autumn. I don’t have any Dublin dates planned at the moment, but i usually visit in October for Book Festival.

  27. thanks for the reply
    i can’t belive you emailed me
    email me when your in dublin” im sure” I’ll be first in the queue.
    I’ll defently buy your eva book
    my mum told me to ask you do you have a kindle ?

    from Eva
    P.S i like my name too

  28. judi(cool name)

    judi are you going anywhere for easer?

    from eva:)

  29. Thanks Eva. I went to Kerry for a few days – it was lovely! Hope you did something nice too.

  30. No, I don’t have a Kindle – I like the feel and the smell of ‘real’ books.

  31. judi

    i heard you went to cobh for book sighnig
    i didnt know you were in cobh at the time
    i was completely gutted
    i was in cork for easter
    i was going to go to cobh but insted we went to fota

    from eva

  32. HI

    my name is chloe. will you be writing more books??????

  33. Hi Chloe. No plans to stop writing any time soon! Working on two books at the moment. Leave it to Eva, and a third Friends Forever book.

  34. oh when will they be out??

  35. judi,
    can you please release leave it to in dublin


  36. Dizzydoda says:

    I LOVE your books its really great that your an irish writer
    do you ever have competitions?

    Dizzydoda 🙂

  37. sophken says:

    hi judi i love your books your great i live in limerick too

  38. Hi. I don’t have competitions myself, but there are always lots on the other site I write for – . Lots of great book prizes, so maybe you should take a look there.

  39. Thanks so much. Limerick is a great place to live!

  40. Hi Judi,
    I LOVE your books especially the Alice & Megan series!
    All your books are so realistic,
    Will you be writing anymore of the Alice & Megan series
    or are you just writing other books instead?

  41. Dizzydoda says:

    Hi judi

    I have just finished reading Eva’s holiday
    it was great is there any more Eva books?


  42. hi judi
    i`m sorry i haven`t emailed in a while
    from eva

  43. Thanks, Andrea. No plans for another Alice and Megan book at the moment – but I’ll never say never. my next book, Leave it to Eva, will be out in September.

  44. Thanks, Denise. The third Eva book, Leave it to Eva, will be out in September.

  45. That’s Ok, Eva. MAybe you’re just busy, like me!

  46. Hi Judi,
    I love all your books. I just finished reading Leave it to Eva. It’s really good. I really like the friends forever series. Could you possibly tell me when will the new book in the friends forever series is coming out?

  47. Hi Judi,
    My name is Lucy, i lloovvee allllll ur books I’ve read all of them so far, but I hope more keep on coming and coming and coming. There just soo great you can’t explain it!!:). And i really hope you know that your books are AMAZING!!
    Kind Regards, Lucy, Mallow

  48. Sophia downes says:

    Biggest fan ever love all of your books love sophia

  49. Thanks, Sophia

  50. Thanks so much, Lucy. I’m busy writing, so there should be at least 2 new books for you next year!


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