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  1. Thanks for those kind words. The new book will be called ‘The Mystery Tour’. it will be out in Spring 2013, but I don’t have an exact date yet.

  2. says:

    Hi do you remember me I was in the library in maynooth I was sitting beside a girl with short brown hair I was sitting at the edge. I live your books I love the time spell!!!!! It sounds really good your amazing at writing books!!! I also like J.K Rowling!!! Your amazing I did the thing you told us to do in the library and I turned your book covers so you could see them haha your books were at the top of the shelf so you could see them well haha!!!!!

  3. what month will it be out and what date…please….xoxoxoxoxo….????

  4. sugar heart says:

    Hi Judi! I absolutely LOVE your books!!! I especially love Alice and Megan series! Keep writing!

    from sugar heart (my username)

  5. sugar heart says:

    hi how do u start writing a book???????????????

  6. Are any of your books for boys?

  7. hi judi
    it is me Aisling. I saw you in the Grand Parade Library with my friend ruth. Ruth and I drew you a picture. When you were showing the different covers of the books
    why are the covers of the books are different in other countries?

    I LOVE your books .I am reading alice in middle.I am REALLY enjoying it like I enjoyed every other book.

    I will contact you soon.

  8. i cant wait to read it!can i ask yu a question what age were you when you started writing books??

  9. Hi I met you recently at Limerick City Library, I was there with my daughters school. I have been writing poems and short stories for years but I still have not got anything published. I was amazed by all the work that you put into all of your books and I was wondering if you are not too busy maybe you could give me some advice on how to go about it.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    Christyna Williams

  10. Ludmilla Birioukova says:

    hi Judie

    how are you? i really loved to see you. Just in case i’m from st bredan’s and i told you i was from Russia

  11. Ludmilla Birioukova says:

    and helped you to know whats its in english

  12. Ludmilla Birioukova says:

    i really love to meet you again

    from ludmilla

  13. dear Judi

    I am with my friend Lucy.I am telling you about her because she told me about you.She LOVES your books too.

    see you soon
    aisling and lucy.

  14. Thanks, Aisling and Lucy.

  15. Thanks, Ludmilla. I really appreciate your help in translating my Russian book titles.

  16. Hi again, Christyna. Well done on your persistence. I’m afraid i don’t know very much about getting short stories and poems published. Have you tried checking the Writers and Artists Yearbook, to see who publishes those genres? Also, my friend Sarah Webb, has a great website with heaps of writing and publishing tips. She’s at Hope this helps. Judi

  17. I’m afraid that’s a state secret!!

  18. Hi Aisling. it was really nice to see you and Ruth this week. I hope you didn’t miss too much at school. I think publishers in other countries just like to make the book a bit different for their readers. So glad you are enjoying Alice in the Middle. Judi

  19. Hi Brian. Even though most of my characters are girls, there’s no reason boys couldn’t read them. Probably the one boys like best is ‘See if I Care’ which I wrote with my friend Roisin Meaney. That has two main characters, and one of them is a boy.

  20. You come up with an idea, you sit at your desk, and you start writing. It really is a simple as that! If it doesn’t work out, that’s OK. You can always learn from your mistakes and try again.

  21. Love that user name. Thanks for saying such nice things about my books. I’m flattered!

  22. HI JUDI.



  23. hi judi
    i’m sorry i haven’t emailed you in a while but i really want leave it to eva as its my name but there my fav books to read you must be stalking me shes exacully like me
    thats all i have today

    from eva!!!

  24. Leanne Moore says:

    Hi Judi
    I am one of the girls that saw you down in Blackpool Librery and you signed my book ( Double Trouble ) you told me load of new stuff that I did not know about you and that I thoght were really interesting .When we came out of the librery I just thought that mabey the book (Sorry Walter) that you showed us with the donut on the front could of ment that her life was sweet but someone said something he of she did not mean.

    From Leanne

  25. Ludmilla Birioukova says:

    hi judi

    i really love your books i’m reading time spell its really good we went up to where lauren had to tell megan i think something

    from ludmilla
    P.S i love you sooo much

  26. Ludmilla Birioukova says:

    i had found out there is another book in russian that is writing by you

  27. Hi Judi Curtin

    Remember i and my school came to the the smoke alley teathre on wednesday 14th. My class loved the way u told the story and we got your autograph .It was really fun but some friends of mine in my class wanted like something to remember this beautiful day. We would love to see you again .We really like your books .They are awesome like in 2012 we say .You were very funny and we liked the way u told the story and brought your toys like you brought them and made the story easier for us to understand. You’re the best author in the world .
    Karina to you go to ST LOUIS SPS PRIMARY SCHOOL IN DUBLIN 6?

    PS. Judi your the best author in the world


  28. Thanks for that. I really enjoyed the event in Smock Alley – glad to hear that you did too.

  29. Thanks Ludmilla. I think four of my books are in Russian now – hope you manage to find the ones you want.

  30. That’s so kind of you. Thanks. xx

  31. Hi Leanne. That’s an interesting theory on the Sorry Walter cover – I’m afraid we’ll never know the truth!

  32. Thanks girls. Hope you didn’t get caught!

  33. Hi Judi! I am Irish to and I LOVE your book’s!

  34. hi judi.

    I had to go to 3 book shopes to get me the next book because they had all sold out.


  35. Hi Judi I love getting your emails its feels really nice to get an email from an author.
    Love Ella x

  36. Hi Judi Curtin,
    When you wrote See If I Care, what page did you write up to????
    I’ve met you before. I met you in Barker and Jones in Naas Co Kildare.

    Bye for now Leanne

  37. Hi its me again.
    I’ve read these books of yours……
    Alice Next door
    See If I Care
    Eva’s Hoilday
    Eva’s jorney
    The time spell(really good)
    You no the Eva books do they go in order?????????????
    Leanne. P.S sorry for sending you two messages in the space of 6 mintes

  38. Leanne Moore says:

    hi judi how r u i got ur book on wold book day it was really goood and interesting
    rom leanne moore

  39. Hi Leanne
    In See if I Care, Roisin and I wrote every second chapter. She wrote Luke’s sections, and I wrote about Elma.

  40. Hi Judi
    Thanks for letting me know that.

  41. Hi Judi its me again Ella
    In your books I’ve read
    Alice Next Door
    Alice Again
    Don’t Ask Alice
    Alice in the Middle
    Bonjour Alice
    Alice & Megan Forever
    Alice to the Rescue
    Alice & Megan’s Cookbook
    Eva’s Journey
    Eva’s Holiday
    Leave it all to Eva
    Ask Eva
    Love Ella xoxoxo

  42. shauna12345 says:

    Hi Judi I’m twelve now but even still I can’t stop reading your books!!!
    My sister who’s 9 has them now but I still steal them!!! I’ve read all the Alice and Megan’s, The Mystery Tour, all the eva ones and The Time Spell!
    Is this the end of alice and megan?
    I really wanted Linda to have a baby!!!!! and megan could be a god-mother or something…..
    thank you for the amazing books and a lot of great hours reading them!

  43. Hi Shauna. That’s so nice of you! Alice and Megan are like my friends, so I might well write another book about them some day. (And Linda having a baby would be a good part of that.) Hope you and your sister continue to enjoy my books. xxxx

  44. shauna12345 says:

    thank you so much Judi!!!!!!!!
    don’t worry, i will continue to enjoy your books!!!! I got a signed copy of alice in the middle yesterday!

  45. Hi Judi!!!!!!!!!! :-)My name is Lily, i’m 10 years old and I live in Clifden. I absolutly LOVE your books. I have read all the alice and megan books and the eva books. I think they are GREAT!!!!!!! bye,Lily 🙂

  46. Hi Lily. Thanks so much for those kind words. Yes, Domino is really soft, and she loves being stroked.

  47. Hi judi omigod just writing this is makin me so excited eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So my friend abby is on your site too she tells me you have nearly finished your next book. Anyway to the point i have a question for you: Are the “alice and megan” seirs fininshed?. Well un till nexed time by!!!!!;)(smiley face with a wink te he)

    BY:Ingrid.R aged 11 on the 11th of June 1213

  48. hi judi,

    Ingie(Ingrid ;))again. Could u maybe just maybe come to my small village Dunshaughlin . As i said be4 Abby my friend loves u 2! We live on the same road/same estate and we would go CRAZY if u were cumin 2 our library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)Especialy if it was on my birthday(11th of June)(My birthday )(Dont worry my mom wud let me cum)i luv ur bucs i askd the librarian if they had”see if i care”and she said id have to wait 3 weeks so im on day 10 of waitin soooooooooo………. dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot.So if u do cum . My name is ingrid(u can say ingie if u like cus all my friends call me that)if its after r on the 11th of June im 11/11 today.If not im nearly 11 r 10 iv got alburn hair and if im not wit my class im wit my mom / my bff ABBIE. we might take our friend Aimee 2 even though shes not in 2 readin. k im startin 2 sound like this was happenin 2morro so i better change the ……………. never mind i gotta do my homework hhhhhhuuuuuuuuuu(sigh) long multipication irish translation ajectives verbs and nouns sheet irish spellins english spellins and tables thres mor i 4got but i better go do it.:(

    Farwell and goodbye 4 now 🙁 i cud talk mor

  49. Hi Ingrid. Thanks for that great message. I’ve been to Dunshaughlin twice before. I was in the library, and the Gaelscoil, and I really enjoyed both visits. I’m going to be in Ashbourne in October, and all details will be on my site closer to the date. Hope that homework went OK!

  50. Hi Ingrid. The Alice and Megan series is finished for the moment, but maybe in the future………


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