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Dublin 6.

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  1. OH YE I FORGOT YOU WERE IN THE IRISH SCHOOL OOPPS THIS THING IS IN CAPS LOCK even though im in the St.Seachnaills N.s up the other end of the village any way the other day in school i had to write a story i hope you dont mind i used Alice ,Megan,Lauren,Tilly and Saturn too!i just told my mum your going to be in in Ashbourne in October and she said i could go its great because i just told my little brother and he wants to come too!He said hes gonna bring a pen and notebook.IM gonna bring those too and my camera1Anyway i gotta go and see my grandad it was my brothers communion yesterday so talk soon and the homework went great.

  2. avatbarry says:

    Hi…I just met u today and brought u (quite a lot of) my books to sign…you are my fav writer ever…I was the one who asked about seven questions!
    Do u remember me?
    Ava Barry

  3. Hey Judi did you know that in today is our one year anniversery which means i got to know you last year July 15th. So i am going to send you a letter with a present i hope you’ll like it
    Love Ella xx

  4. Hi Ava. Sorry for taking so long to reply to your messages. Yes, I do remember you from Kinsale. I really enjoyed the event -hope you did too. x

  5. Hi Judi I’m Róisín, I met you at my school Gaeilscoil na rithe Dunshaughlin. You opened our library if that helps you remember. However I was five and (sorry but) had no clue who you were. I love your books so much especially friends forever books. I hope I can find the mystery tour in my library. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I heard you are coming here in October ,Hope I can go,

  6. Hi Roisin. So glad to hear that you’ve grown up to be a reader. Hope I get the chance to meet you in October. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

  7. Hi Judi thanks so much for replying. Really looking forward to meet you. Are you signing books or just meeting everyone?

  8. I’ll be meeting everyone AND signing books. Hope you can make it.

  9. Hi Judi I heard that you will start at 10 and end at 11, I can’t make it to that but I hope one day you’ll come to Dunshaughlin from

  10. Hi Judi, My name is Tara. I love your books, I have read all the Alice and Megan books. They are really good and funny. I look forward to reading your new book, I think I will put it on my Santa list. I hope to meet you one day when you are visiting Limerick or Clare bookshops.

  11. Thanks so much, Tara.I often do events in limerick and Clare, so hope to meet you before too long.

  12. So sorry I missed you, Roisin -maybe next time…..

  13. Hey Judi its your friend Ella i am gonna send yo a christmas letter because your my fave author and my special friend
    Ella xxx

  14. Hi judi
    I’m flora
    I just finished Alice in the middle i loved it
    you’re one of my favourite authors
    please come to Dublin to do a book signing
    merry christmas
    from flora
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Hello! I loved your series of Megan and Alice. They are my favourite books to read. I would absolutely love if you wrote more of the Megan and Alice books It would be amazing I also liked the Eva books and my name is Eva! They are also amazing! You are my favourite author.

  16. Thanks Flora. I often visit Dublin. Watch this site for news of my next visit.


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