The Mystery Tour

April 10, 2013 By: judicurtin Category: General Chat

The Mystery Tour - out now!

The Mystery Tour – out now!

I’m really happy that The Mystery Tour has finally hit the shelves.

I had great fun writing and researching this one. Lauren and Tilly go to London. There’s no time for sightseeing or shopping though, as it’s 1939 and World War Two has just started. The girls end up being evacuated to the country where they make lots of friends, and even have an adventure or two…..

A great display of my books in O'Mahony's bookshop, Limerick

A great display of my books in O’Mahony’s bookshop, Limerick


March 27, 2013 By: judicurtin Category: General Chat

I’ve just heard that now all of my Alice and Megan books are available as e-books, and I have to confess that I have mixed feelings about the whole e-book thing.

I know that my e-books may well be sold in far-flung countries, where physical books might never reach, and that’s a good thing.

E-books don’t use valuable paper – another good thing.

I also struggle to fit physical books in my suitcase when I travel abroad. An electronic reader would solve that problem, which would also be a good thing.


Sculpture by David Kracov

Sculpture by David Kracov

Physical books are beautiful. You can hold them and smell them. You can put them on shelves where they look great. You can give and receive them as presents. (It’s hard to giftwrap and inscribe a download.) You can keep them forever. You can lend them to your friends. And best of all, you can keep reading during takeoff and landing!

World Book Day

February 28, 2013 By: judicurtin Category: General Chat


World Book Day 2013 is almost here. I always love World Book Day, but this year is especially exciting as I’ve written one of the special World Book Day titles. It’s about my old friend, Eva Gordon, and it is called Ask Eva. In this book, Eva has two big problems to solve – but I’m not giving away any secrets here. You’ll have to read it and find out how she manages!

You can buy Ask Eva with your World Book Day voucher.

Happy World Book Day to all my reading and writing friends. xxx