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I celebrated World Book Day a few days early at the big We❤️books event in Thurles. I was sharing the stage with the incredible Derek Landy, and I think it’s fair to say that everyone had a really good time  (Well, Derek and I did anyway!)


Tour organiser, Tom Donegan had arranged everything beautifully, and the staff at The Source arts centre did an amazing job. The nice people from Bookworm in Thurles sold stacks of books, and distributed bookmarks, postcards and posters like they were going out of fashion.































There were 250 lovely and enthusiastic children in the audience. They listened attentively, and laughed in all the right places – i.e. pretty much all through Derek’s talk.

Derek and I told our life stories, including his very interesting take on a parallel universe.  After that there was a Q and A, and the only problem was that there were far more questions than we had time to answer. Best question of the day was directed at me.

‘Judi, do you like the way Derek acts?’

My answer – ‘How long have you got?’

We had delicious pancakes in the on-site restaurant, and Tom presented Derek and me with our very cool limited-edition tour mugs. (One day these will be collectors’  items.)



Finally it was time for me to return to Limerick. I took the slow route, over the mountains. Sometimes only the long and winding road will do.



The Mystery Tour

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The Mystery Tour - out now!

The Mystery Tour – out now!

I’m really happy that The Mystery Tour has finally hit the shelves.

I had great fun writing and researching this one. Lauren and Tilly go to London. There’s no time for sightseeing or shopping though, as it’s 1939 and World War Two has just started. The girls end up being evacuated to the country where they make lots of friends, and even have an adventure or two…..

A great display of my books in O'Mahony's bookshop, Limerick

A great display of my books in O’Mahony’s bookshop, Limerick

Alice in Australia

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The postman brought me a lovely surprise today – these beautiful copies of Alice Next Door and Alice Again. I’ve always loved the original Irish covers, but have to say that these are really great too.

They’re being released in Australia this week – the first of my books to make it there. I’m hoping that Australian readers will like them, and then, maybe one day, I can be like Jeff Kinney, and do a reading in Sydney Opera House!!

While I’m waiting (and dreaming) though, I have plenty to do. Today I hope to put the finishing touches on Leave it to Eva – the third in the Eva series. As soon as that’s done, I’m going to prepare my speech and props for my trip to the Cuirt Literary Festival in Galway next week.

Then, when all that’s done, it’ll be the weekend, and I can sit back and read a good book – I can’t wait!